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Elton John Could Write A Song For You!

Stan Freberg here. Elton John's original manuscript for one of the top-selling songs of all time, "Goodbye, England's Rose", has just sold for 442,000 bucks, pencil scribblings and all. I have an idea... [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Since Elton John just borrowed the original song he'd written for Marilyn Monroe, "Candle In The Wind", and put in new lyrics for Princess Diana--"Goodbye, England's Rose"--maybe we haven't seen the end of Elton's windfall.

Every now and then at some airport shop, I see a newspaper headline, and a sign saying "YOUR NAME IN HERE." Could it be just a question of time before we see "Goodbye, England's Rose" hawked with "Your name or a loved one's in here"?

"Elton John or his staff of lookalikes will change the Marilyn Monroe lyrics still one more time!"

"Goodbye, Pittsburgh's Rose"? "Goodbye, Cleveland's Cornflower"? Just a thought.

Stan Freberg here.

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