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A "Sign" Of The Times?

Stan Freberg here. A divorced man in New Zealand made legal history when he obtained a restraining order against his ex-wife to stop her from nagging and humiliating him in sign language! That's got to be a first. I'll fill you in on this bizarre case when I come back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Christchurch, New Zealand - Dennis Mortiger says his ex-wife, who is deaf, has made his life miserable by signing at him with obscene comments, threats and lies. Nothing you could hear, of course. She does it all in sign language.

She stood out in fron of his dry cleaning establishment and heatedly signed at him day and night, he says, which made his life miserable, so a judge has granted him a restraining order to protect him from his deaf ex-wife!

I say, "What's the problem?" Unless other people going and coming understood sign language, wouldn't it just look like the silent rantings of some unrelated street person? But the judge has restrained Priscilla Mortiger from her ex-husband's immediate surroundings, unless she wears handcuffs, the order says. Hmm.

I say since the woman isn't actually making a public nuisance - I mean in a verbal way - let her blab away with her hands! On the other hand, Mortiger says she is using obscene sign language. Hmm. Just a "sign" of our times, I guess.

Hey, I say let her nag her ex-husband via computer; let her type in obscene language on the internet, like everybody else!

Stan Freberg here.

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