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Stan's Book Review: "Will the Real John Callahan Please Stand Up?"

Stan Freberg here with a few words about my friend, the brilliant cartoonist John Callahan. After this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Callahan, the outrageous satirical cartoonist, has a new book out from William Morrow. Featuring John on the cover in his wheelchair, it's called, "Will The Real John Callahan Please Stand Up?"

Some humorless, uptight people think his work is in poor taste. Of course it is! It's also hysterically funny. John is a quadriplegic who overcame his problems to become a successful cartoonist, appearing now in over a hundred papers.

Some fan letters are included in the book, along with letters from a few outraged readers who don't get it. Too bad about them. I say, "Callahan is a national treasure." His new book is full of cartoons like the one showing a spinal cord injury clinic with a sign in the window: "Standing room only." Vintage Callahan.

Stan Freberg here.

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