Satiric radio comentary for the 90s from the man who drained Lake Michigan and filled it with hot chocolate!!!

Beauty Queen Update

Stan Freberg here. Being a beauty queen may not be all it's cracked up to be. After this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here with a beauty queen update. A Denver arbitrator recently heard a dispute between Regina Flores, the former Miss Colorado, and officials who decrowned her. They say she derided her complimentary '97 Hyundai. That's all she did? Touchy, touchy!

And last year Danielle House lost her Miss Canada title for assaulting her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend. Didn't I see that on "Jerry Springer"? Her successor, Gabriella Petavoski, was also fired for doing a "Hooters" ad. Hmm.

And Brandy Durst, the '95 Miss Georgia Peanut Queen, lost her $500 scholarship after she skipped the Peanut Festival to compete in the Miss Georgia USA Pageant. She lost that, too.

That's all the bummer beauty queen news.

Stan Freberg here.

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