Satiric radio commentary for the 90s from the man who drained Lake Michigan and filled it with hot chocolate!!!

A Smidgen--Just A Mite More Than A Tad

Stan Freberg here. In these commentaries, I try to take just a smidgen of your time. How much is that? Umm...I don't know, but I think it's more than a tad. Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

When a waitress askes me "More coffee?" and I say "Just a smidgen," how does she know what a smidgen is? All I know is a smidgen is poured. If I say "Just a tad," a tad is poured.

But what is the actual measure of a smidgen? Is it bigger than a tad? Umm...just a mite. A MITE? I could drive myself crazy worrying about stuff like this!

I wonder if Bill Clinton worries about how big a smidgen is. Probably less than he worries about Asian Democratic fundraising. How much does he worry about those things? More than a tad, believe me.

Maybe I'll put out a ruler showing the measurement of a smidgen, and so forth; but who's gonna decide what the industry standard is for a smidgen? And we haven't even gotten into the metric smidgen yet.

Umm...I'm getting just a tad tired of this subject.

Stan Freberg here.

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