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A Sticky Admission From NASA

Stan Freberg here. NASA has admitted that Super Glue was used on engines that were flown in space. Who authorized Super Glue? That could get kinda sticky. Back after this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. Officials of NASA have revealed that Super Glue was used on engines of shuttles flown in space. Unauthorized use of the hobby store glue by technicians at Valencia, California-based Paragon Precision Products was discovered in the servicing of the main engine's turbo pump. Hmm. Paragon is a small company that specializies in pump repairs to the Rockedyne division of Rockwell International. The L.A. Times reported that, uh, "...Paragon officials did not return phone calls." Hmm.

NASA spokesman June Malone said, "The glue was used to hold metal plating inside the pump. The glue itself presented no safety risks," she said, but she noted, "'s an unauthorized procedure, and we don't like to see it." Hey, June, this could be cutting edge! You know, "state of the glue."

And turning to the food page, the new "truth in labeling" now in effect inspired a great cartoon from Steve Kelly at the San Diego Union Tribune. A woman and her husband in a supermarket are staring at a shelf full of new, "honest-labeled" products with names like "Lard Cakes," "Fat Nips," "Salty Fat Chips," "Greasy Pieces," "Cholesterol Crisps" and "Fried Chemical Twists," and the woman is saying, "I miss deceptive labeling."

Stan Freberg here.

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