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Stan's Book Review: "Children's Letters To God."

Stan Freberg here. A little book from Workman Press called "Children's Letters to God" has some great insights into a child's mind. Here's one: "Dear God, In Sunday School they told us what you did. Who does it while you're on vacation? Jane." Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here with more actual letters to God.

"Dear God - How come you didn't invent any new animals lately? We just have all the old ones. Johnny."

How 'bout this: "Dear God - I read the Bible. What does 'begat' mean? No one will tell me. Love, Allison."

"Dear God - Please put another holiday in between Christmas and Easter. There's nothing good in there now. Ginny."

And: "Dear God - I think the stapler is one of your greatest inventions. Ruth."

"Dear God - I didn't think orange went with purple 'til I saw the sunset you made on Tuesday. That was cool! Eugene."

One more: "Dear God - I'm doing the best I can. Frank."

Me, too. Stan Freberg here.

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