Satiric radio commentary for the 90s from the man who drained Lake Michigan and filled it with hot chocolate!!!

Too Many Rocks?

Stan Freberg here. I'm getting confused again. My daughter, Donna Jean, said, "Dad, you've gotta see 'The Rock'." I said, "The rock what? The rock star? The rock band?" She said, "Ummm, nnnnooo..." Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. You see the problem - too many confusing words that sound like the same word. My daughter was talking about the movie, "The Rock." When I said, "The rock what," she rolled her eyes. But wouldn't you think up to now she was talking about the rock band she saw last night? The rock star she heard in concert? "Gotta see 'The Rock'." Sounds like an unfinished sentence!

Did she mean the rock Sotheby's just sold of Jackie O's? Also, she could've been talking about Iraq, the country we supposedly defeated in the Gulf War. I was only listening with half an ear. Sounded like she could've said, "Gotta see Iraq, Dad." See what? See what Iraq is up to, trying to hide the secret development of nuclear devices, or "Gotta see the, number 3 on the charts with a bullet!" No, she must've said, "Gotta see Iraq, the country with more than a bullet."

No, she was saying, "Gotta see 'The Rock'," now playing at a theater near you. All of a sudden, we're up to our ears in rocks: "The Rock," a rock concert, a rock star, a rock on somebody's finger, Iraq, the Middle Eastern nation playing "hide and seek" with U.N. inspectors? Too many rocks.

If I'm scratching my head, imagine how Saddam Hussein is confused!

Stan Freberg here.

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