Satiric radio commentary for the 90s from the man who drained Lake Michigan and filled it with hot chocolate!!!

Stiletto Heels-The Return of Fashion Stupidity!

Stan Freberg here. I thought women's feet had endured everything in shoes, but comes now the ultimate torture device...OUCH! [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Not since the Chinese made them endure foot binding have women's feet been subjected to such brutality! It's the 5-inch STILETTO HEEL, now starring in high fashion ads and Paris runways.

With their tootsies crammed down into a painful pointed toe, their heel up in the clouds at a 90 degree angle, masochistic women are now bowing to some fashion stupidity, and staggering about on their 5-inch stiletto heels.

Aside from a surge in business for podiatrists, an offshoot of these spiked heels could be their use as a lethal weapon! Remember that woman in "From Russia, With Love" who kept trying to kick James Bond with a steel dagger that came out of the toe of her shoe? Move over, lady--the 5-inch stiletto heel is here! It's "Lethal Weapon 5!"

Stan Freberg here.

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