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How Do You Get "Chuck" Out Of "Charles"?

Stan Freberg here. What about the nickname "Chuck"? I know it's short for "Charles," but how do they get "Chuck" out of "Charles"? Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. One of my good friends is Charles Osgood, host of CBS TV's classic show, "Sunday Morning." He interviewed me on that show not long ago; but as long as I've known Charles, I've never called him "Chuck." "Charlie," maybe, but not "Chuck".

On the other hand, legendary cartoon director Chuck Jones, father of "The Road Runner," is also a friend of mine, and I've never called Chuck "Charles." But he's the exception. No, most famous people named "Charles" stay "Charles."

Can you imagine a movie star named Chuck Boyer? Or the French general Chuck DeGaulle? Or how about the late Princess Diana's ex-husband, Prince Chuck?

Meanwhile, I hear an updated version of "Great Expectations" is out, based on the classic book by...Chuck Dickens???

Stan Freberg here.

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