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A Few New Buzzwords

Stan Freberg here. As a student of the English language, I'm fascinated by how it keeps changing. New buzzwords and phrases keep surfacing, like the term "4-1-1," as in, "What's the '4-1-1' on her?" Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here with a few new buzzwords. How about "stalkarazzi," to describe photographers like the paparazzi who stalk celebrities? Or "twit filter," computer software that blocks all messages from obnoxious or bothersome people? "Twit filter."

Speaking of computers, there's a new term, "web presence," a presence on the internet or web. I have a "web presence"; there are several Freberg sites, and my record company, Rhino, discovered recently that I was mentioned at last count over 47,000 times on the internet!

Amazing. If I surfed around to discover all of the Freberg mentions, I would be guilty of "ego-surfing." Who's got the time to do that?

Here's a new term I rather like: "Dead tree edition." It means the newspaper or magazine version of something that also exists electronically on the internet. "Dead tree edition" as a phrase obviously has environmental overtones, and looks down its nose at using trees to make paper.

However, when these cyberpersons use their computer printer to make copies, aren't they guilty of making their own "dead tree edition"?

That's all from the language desk.

Stan Freberg here.

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