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This Book Stinks!

Stan Freberg here. Would you buy a book of smelly postcards to send people? The smell of New York, the smell of a subway? Not me, but apparently some people are. Be back with this story, plus the story about a dental oddity, after this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. First, the oddball dental story. In Palermo, Italy, a group of oral surgeons are planning to build a college of dentistry in the shape of a giant set of teeth.

Dr. Enrico Cartone, who will underwrite much of the cost, says "The bright white classrooms and dormitories will form a teeth-like semi-circle around a tongue-like campus." Hmm. "Have you seen the gardener?" "Last time I saw him, he was out mowing the tongue."

Another dubious idea is the publication of many smelly postcards by the "scratch-and-smell" author Caroline McEldon, who previously wrote "New York Smells."

This book is called "This Book Stinks!" Each postcard contains a "scratch-and-sniff" aroma of various New York smells--trash collecting along the sidewalk (during a trashmen's strike, no doubt); the marvelous aroma from inside a subway car, etc. Hmm. I'll tell you more after I smell--I mean, read the book.

Still thinking about the dental college in the shape of human teeth. If you ask somebody, "Didn't the administration building used to be right here," might the answer be "Yes, but they had to extract it"?

Stan Freberg here.

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