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No, No, Picasso--One Eye On EACH Side Of The Head!

Stan Freberg here. Picasso has always been news in the art world, but when a private collection of his work was sold for over 200 million, EVERYBODY looked up! Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. The Latin motto of my advertising consulting firm, Freberg, Ltd., is "Ars Gratia Pecuniae," or, "Art For Money's Sake." That could've been the slogan of Christie's, who auctioned off the Ganz collection of mostly Picassos for 206 million. Victor and Sally Ganz modestly started buying Picassos in the 40s for a few thou, because they loved them. I'm sure they never imagined how the art would escalate.

My friend Norman Granz, who founded Verve Records and discovered and managed Ella Fitzgerald, is another major Picasso collector. Appropriately, he started another record label: "Pablo."

I love this line of Picasso's: he said, "When I was 18, I could draw like Michalangelo. It took me 70 years to learn how to draw like a child."

Stan Freberg here.

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