Satiric radio commentary for the 90s from the man who drained Lake Michigan and filled it with hot chocolate!!!

Everyday Things, Courtesy of the Space Program

Stan Freberg here. Those scratch-resistant lenses on your glasses? We can thank the space program for that. They were first developed for astronauts, along with many other everyday things. After this. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Think of all your clothing that fastens with Velcro, from tennies to windbreakers. The practical use of Velcro came about on Earth because of its success in space, where astronauts can't waste time buttoning or tying things.

Disposable diapers and smoke detectors also came from outer space. And the cordless electric drill and shaver. Who could be bothered to plug something in up there?: "Hey, Buzz, I can't find an outlet for my razor." Forget it.

And a window covering yet to be marketed, said to be 30 times more insulating than glass. Also, the pen that writes upside down? Came from space. Which will come in handy, in case NASA sends me up, and I have to write these commentaries upside down.

Stan Freberg here.

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