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Chinese "Photo Op"

Stan Freberg here. There's been so many Asian people in and out of the White House lately I get confused. Who was the latest Chinese guy in for a "photo op"? Oh, yeah-- the President of China. Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. So the smiling Chinese "Pres" with the unpronouncable name went back to Beijing, and not a moment too soon, according to human rights protestors. I will say you'd think Clinton coulda made a tougher deal; you know, President Jhong coulda spent the night in the Lincoln Bedroom in exchange for promising some progress on human rights.

Bill and Hillary hosted a lavish state dinner for the president of China--with their best china, I assume--and after that, they led Jhong into the East Room for desert and coffee. But hey! After all those embarrassing fund-raiser tapes, wouldn't you think Clinton woulda thought twice about having still one more Chinese guy in for coffee and a photo op?

Stan Freberg here.

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