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Cartoon Update: Clinton and Madonna

Stan Freberg here with a poltical cartoon update. I've been told that I'm the only guy in radio who has the chutzpah to read visual cartoons on radio. What's so strange about that? Radio may be the most visual of all mediums. Be right back. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. First poltical cartoon is from Deering of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, in a comment on the huge questionable contribution from Indonesia. In front of the White House, he shows a "golden arches" sign. It reads, "McClinton's - Millions of Indonesians served," and a drive-through window reads, "Bribe-through." Hmm.

Along the same line, Michael Ramirez, for USA Today: Out of the White House comes a voice saying, "Look, ethics and character don't matter to the American people." Next to that is Nixon at his White House desk saying, "Performance does." A sign on Nixon's desk says, "It's the cover-up, stupid."

Now to change the subject, Mike Smith of the Las Vegas Sun shows Madonna lounging by the pool. Standing next to her is her daughter, all dressed for school. Madonna is wearing fishnet stockings, black boots, a bikini, and her top features a cone-shaped bra. The cartoon is titled, "Madonna the Mom." She's saying to her little girl, who is nicely dressed in a typical school uniform, "Well, young lady, you're not going anywhere dressed like that!"

Until next time, Stan Freberg here.

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