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Cartoon Update: Mideast Treaty and John Glenn, among other things...

Stan Freberg here with a few political cartoons. My friend Mike Peters of the Dayton Daily News shows Arafat, Netanyahu and Clinton at the peace signing. Clinton is saying, "We've reached an agreement--Paula Jones gets the West Bank!" [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here with more cartoons. Jeff Danziger shows Milosevic in Serbia. His arms are around two buddies with automatic weapons like a football huddle. Milosevic says, "Okay, same drill as before. NATO pretends to scare us, we pretend to be scared."

And Jim Borgman, Cincinnati Enquirer, shows the astronauts boarding the shuttle. John Glenn is saying, "In my day, we had to bring our own Tang! And we didn't have any astronaut ice cream, no sir! And these fancy jetpacks weren't even invented yet! If we wanted to go out in space, we had to walk! And none of this internet stuff!" One astronaut whispers to another, "It's going to be a long trip."

Stan Freberg here.

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