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Halloween Mask Update

Stan Freberg here with a Halloween mask update. So far, Bill Clinton looks like the big winner--with a "Pinnochio" nose. Of course. [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. Halloween Adventure offers a Bill Clinton mask in a "Titanic" life preserver. Abacadabra offers a "Lewinsky Combo"--a wig and a beret. Another shop just cut the red ribbon out of their "Snow White" wig. Ba-da-boom, you got a Monica wig!

Spirit of Halloween Superstores offers an "intern kit," 14.99--wig, beret, pearl necklace and an intern pass. Whatever happened to Halloween for kids, huh?

Morris Costumes says Monica may fade, but predicts Clinton will have a Nixon-like shelf life. They say 10 years from now, they'll still be selling Clinton masks. Hey! I just realized if he wants to go incognito, he can just put on a mask of himself.

"Is that Bill Clinton?"
"Naah, just some guy in a Clinton mask."

Stan Freberg here.

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