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Veggie Libel Laws

Stan Freberg here. Mother warned you not to play with your food, and don't insult the hubbard squash, either. You could be sued by saying naughty things about kidding! [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. Apple growers saw their sales plummet a while back after "60 Minutes" did a piece on the dangers of the chemical spray, Alar. Now, 13 states have so-called "veggie libel laws," which allow farmers to sue anyone who claims that their products may be dangerous to eat.

So don't be disparaging an apple in Aspen--Colorado is one of those touchy veggie states. And if you hate zuchinni squash, keep it to yourself in Atlanta; if you say "Yuck!" when you see yams, don't be dissing them in Dallas--Texas and Georgia are two of the "veggie libel law" states.

And pass me some of that wonderful, nutritious, colorful squash casserole!

This is the "vegetably correct" Stan Freberg here.

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