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Cartoon Update: Alternatives to Impeachment?

Stan Freberg here with a few political cartoons. Michael Ramirez shows two U.S. soldiers in battle gear in a shellhole. One says, "Great! We're finally getting transferred out of Bosnia, as promised." His buddy, checking a map, says, "Uhh...where's Kosovo?" [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here with another political cartoon. Jack Ohman of the Oregonian shows "Alternatives to Impeachment": "1000 Hours Alone with the First Lady." As Clinton cringes behind the sports section, Hillary, with the Starr Report, says, "And what about this reference on page 273?"

Or, "500 Hours of Community Service Listening to Monica Lewinsky Talk About Policy." As Bill holds his hands over his ears, Monica blabs, " I go, 'Hey! I'm like, whatever, about welfare reform', you know?" Finally Clinton can't stand it anymore. "Impeach me, impeach me!" he says.

Stan Freberg here.

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