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Cartoon Update: Promise Keepers, Marv Albert, and so on...

Stan Freberg here with a few cartoons from newspapers and magazines around America. From the New Yorker magazine, J.B. Handelsman shows two officers walking outside the Pentagon. One of them says, "Anti-personnel mines pose no threat to people, Colonel, only to personnel." [:60 SPOT BREAK]

Freberg again. Here's two cartoons from Steve Kelly of the San Diego Union Tribune on two different subjects. The first one shows a man and his wife looking at a newspaper headline in a vending machine. The headline reads, "PROMISE KEEPERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C.!" The man says, "Well, that's a first!" can say that again.

The second cartoon from Steve Kelly shows reporters surrounding the ill-fated sportscaster Marv Albert. One thrusts out a mike and says, "Marv, what's your reaction to getting a pink slip from NBC?" Albert says, "I just hope it fits."

Stan Freberg here.

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