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20 Naked Pentacostals

Stan Freberg here. I came across a very strange story in Newsweek. It seems that police discovered 20 Pentacostals crammed in a car that ran into a tree. But wait -- "They were naked!," say Louisiana police. But they had their reasons. Be right back. [SPOT BREAK]

Freberg here. It wasn't your typical traffic stop, say Vinton, La., police -- there were 20 Pentacostal passengers packed in the car, and they were all naked!

Sammy Rodrigues, a Pentacostal preacher from Floydada, Texas, told police that he and his family fled in their four cars because the Devil was coming. Okay so far... ahem...

Along the way, they decided that their clothes were possessed, and left them behind, along with three of the four cars that had run out of gas on the roadside. But 20 people in one car? Well, that was the only one with gas left in it. It didn't say whether the Devil had siphoned their gas, too.

Anyhow, squeezing 5 people in the trunk, they ventured on. When police tried to pull over the curious car, Sammy sped into the woods, and the Pentacostal-heavy sedan hit a tree. Now he faces charges, while his family, having fled from a nearby shelter, is at large in the Louisiana woods.

Look on the bright side, Sammy -- you'll probably make the Guinness Book of Records. Not for cramming 20 naked people into one car, but for the most creative excuse when pulled over!

Can you hear the cops trying to write up the report? "Suspects claim their clothes were... how do you spell 'possessed,' Vern?"

Stan Freberg here.

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