I recently went into the studio here in Los Angeles, and produced a new radio spot I created for The Seeing Eye of Morristown, NJ.

These wonderful people (a non-profit organization for 67 years) make dog guides available to blind people, whose world is vastly improved by the addition of a new Seeing Eye dog/companion in their lives. One problem is, some restaurants aren't enlightened enough to understand how the dog guide is trained to lie quietly at the blind person's feet, while he or she has lunch or dinner.

To this end, The Seeing Eye came to me to embark on a campaign to raise the consciousness of some restaurant management. Even though they may know that by law they can't turn blind people and their Seeing Eye dog guides away, they continue to find excuses not to seat them. Blind people with dog guides experience this rude indifference every day.

I hope you will see fit to program this public service spot, which is the first salvo in this campaign I've created. Thanks for the use of your air time. The other actors beside myself, were Harry Shearer and Donavan Freberg.

Best regards,

Stan Freberg

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