Here's some more photos! Enjoy!

Every Sailor fan's dream is to help them build the Nickelodeon, right? Well, our pals Karsten & Katrin have actually done it... and here's the proof!

Here's an early photo of the band, as seen in a '74 issue of Bravo magazine. Aren't you glad they ditched those duds?

Just what they look like. . . 4 autographed cards.

Sailor's official mascot, Prescott.

Phil (and friend) in concert.
Above photos courtesy Karsten & Katrin Wagner. Look for more from them soon!)

SAILOR then... (1976; left to right:Henry Marsh, Grant Serpell, Phil Pickett and Georg Kajanus, from "The Third Step" album [Photography: Hipgnosis])

...and now: Left to right: Grant Serpell, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett and Peter Lincoln (from the "Legacy" CD [photographer: Jonathan Oppong-Wiafe].)

There are just so FEW photos of the Nickelodeon itself (that I know of, anyway); here's one of the most recent. (Taken at the "Nibe Festival" in Denmark, June 26, 1997, by Glenn K. Pedersen)

CD photos, logos, and concert photo scanned or taken by Glenn Knossgard. You can see more Sailor photos at:
Images of SAILOR,
The Blue Desert, and

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