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ECLECTION (GEORG HULTGREEN [Kajanus], vocals, guitars; TREVOR LUCAS, bass guitar, vocals; GERRY CONWAY, drums, vocals; KERRILEE MALE, vocals; MICHAEL ROSEN, vocals, guitars, trumpet.)
ALBUM: "ECLECTION" Elektra EKL 4023 (mono), EKS 74023 (stereo) (1968)

Produced by Ossie Byrne.

  1. In Her Mind
  2. Nevertheless
  3. Violet Dew
  4. Will Tomorrow Be The Same?
  5. Still I Can See
  6. In The Early Days
  7. Another Time, Another Place
  8. Morning Of Yesterday
  9. Betty Brown
  10. St. George And The Dragon (Up The Night)
  11. Confusion


ALBUM: "AFFINITY" (1970) Vertigo 6360 004 (UK), Paramount PAS 5027 (US).

Other info temporarily unavailable.

GRINGO (HENRY MARSH, guitar, keyboards, vocals; SIMON BYRNE, drums, vocals; CASEY, vocals; JOHN G. PERRY, bass, vocals.)
ALBUM: "GRINGO" (1971) MCA MKPS 2017 (UK), Decca DL 75314

Produced by Tony Cox

  1. Cry The Beloved Country (5:50)
  2. I'm Another Man (4:15)
  3. More And More (4:40)
  4. Our Time Is Our Time (5:00)
  5. Gently Step Through The Stream (3:55)
  6. Emma And Harry (3:55)
  7. Moonstone (4:30)
  8. Land Of Who Knows Where (4:05)
  9. Patriotic Song (5:10)

All songs written by Gringo.

KAJANUS PICKETT (GEORG KAJANUS, guitars, vocals; PHIL PICKETT, keyboards, bass, vocals; other musicians unknown)
ALBUM: "HI HO SILVER!" (1973) Signpost SGA 5001 (UK), MCA 304 (US)

Produced by Kajanus Pickett

  1. Changes (4:28)
  2. Cold Harbour Morning* (3:43)
  3. Hometown Girl* (2:33)
  4. Tomorrow (3:17)
  5. Chosen Wings* (3:42)
  6. Parachute* (3:58)
  7. Nature Man* (3:45)
  8. Flying Machine (3:06)
  9. Movin' On (3:26)
  10. Passing Time (3:37)

Songs written by either Georg Kajanus or *Philip Pickett.
DATA (GEORG KAJANUS, Rhythm and melodic programmes, Keyboards and FX vocals; FRANKIE, lead and FX vocals)


"Opera Electronica" (Polydor 2311 091, 1981) Titles in UPDATES.

"2-Time" (Kiosk [?], 1983)

  1. Physical Asylum
  2. Living Inside Me
  3. A-o (No Bungalow)
  4. Plastic Money
  5. Data Plata
  6. Bilbao
  7. Musique Electronique
  8. Romy Haag
  9. Cool Passion
  10. Silver Tongued Heroes

"Elegant Machinery (Sire/Kiosk 25297 (US), 1985) Produced & Engineered by Georg Kajanus.

  1. Stop (3:43)
  2. Ricocheted Love (3:36)
  3. Burning (3:21)
  4. Over 21 (2:55)
  5. Hooked-up* (3:27)
  6. Playing (3:02)
  7. In Blue* (3:24)
  8. Cubismo (3:44)
  9. D.J.+ (3:33)
  10. Blow (4:48)

All songs by Georg Kajanus except: *Kajanus-Marsh; +Kajanus-Frankie. Additional keyboards by HENRY MARSH ("Hooked-up", "In Blue") and SIMON BOSWELL ("Ricocheted Love", "Blow").


FALLOUT/@ (Bellaphon #?, 1980)

BLOW [The Blow Out Version] (6:20)//Blow (Blow Out Version single edit) (3:32)/D.J. [The Club D.J. Version] (5:32) (Sire/Kiosk (US) PRO-A-2315, 1985)

NOIR (Georg Kajanus and Tim Dry):
WALKING (5 versions) KOCH U.K. (CD single)

And here's one I forgot!:


SINGLE: SAY HALLO (stereo)/Before You Say Goodbye (mono) Warner Bros./Pye (1970; catalog number forgotten).

BRIAN ALEXANDER ROBERTSON: "Wringing Applause" (1973) Ardent ADS 2804; Produced and Directed by Georg Kajanus. (Contents currently unavailable) Yes, this is the same B.A. Robertson who later handled vocal/writing chores in Genesis member Mike Rutherford's extracurricular band "Mike & The Mechanics"! (Think, "The Living Years".)

PETER GODWIN: IMAGES OF HEAVEN (Polydor UK, 1983) Prod. by Georg Kajanus; includes original version of "Over 21".

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Here's some last minute additions and corrections I just found:

The complete ECLECTION Singles:

1968 NEVERTHELESS (Rosen)/Mark Time (Hultgreen)
Elektra (U.K.) EKSN 45033

1968 NEVERTHELESS/Another Time, Another Place (Hultgreen)

Elektra (U.S.) K121996

1968 ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE/Betty Brown (Hultgreen)
Elektra (U.K.) EKSN 45040

1968 PLEASE (Freedman/Feldhouse)/St. George And The Dragon (Up The Night)(Rosen)
Elektra (U.K.) EKSN 45042

1968 PLEASE/In The Early Days (Hultgreen)
[with Dorris Henderson replacing Kerrilee Male on lead vocals]
Elektra (U.K.) 45046

AL STEWART: "ZERO SHE FLIES" (Georg and Trevor Lucas from Eclection played guitar) 1970 CBS (U.K.) 63848/SBP473779; reissued in 1985 on RCA (UK) NL/NK 70874.
Special thanks to the Trevor Lucas and Al Stewart pages for the info! Now, someday, I'll get it all arranged properly!

Here's a listing of DATA singles you can throw in:

12" singles: (Illuminated Records unless noted)
LIVING INSIDE ME (ext. mix)//A-O (No Bungalow)/Data Plata         1983
STOP (Remix)//Blow (remix)/Fallout                    Proto/Sire  1985
RICOCHETED LOVE (remix)/In Blue-D.J. (remix/medley)   Proto/Sire  1986
BLOW/Blow Back                                                    1984

FALL OUT/Politics                                 Bellaphon 2002 076  1980
STAR/Talk                                       Polydor 2002 114  1981

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