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Note: In many markets, Riverwalk is broadcast via satellite during a 26-week season, July through December. Check with your local Public Radio outlet (please find your area on the Riverwalk Carriage List).

1997 Summer Quarter

(Beginning July 1, 1997)

Program #1: American Love Songs: Earthy and Divine
Joe Williams, Nina Ferro, and Carol Woods join the Jim Cullum Jazz Band in a celebration of love songs from Irving Berlin, Fats Waller, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, and others.

Program #2: Cornet Chop Suey: The Story of the Trumpet in Jazz
Horn players Nicholas Payton, Clark Terry, Sweets Edison, Bob Barnard, and Jim Cullum pay tribute to the legacy of superstar jazz trumpeters Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Bobby Hackett, and others.

Program #3: Famous Doors: Nightclubs and Hotspots
A tour of landmark jazz scenes from Chicago's Lincoln Gardens and Savoy Ballroom to Cafe Society, Eddie Condon's, and the Cotton Club in New York; then on to Earthquake McGoon's in San Francisco; and winding up at the Landing in San Antonio.

Program #4: Manhattan Jam: Live From New York
The Jim Cullum Jazz Band in Concert with Dick Hyman, piano; and vocalist Terry Burrell.

Program #5: Let's Dance: The Legacy of Benny Goodman
With John Cocuzzi, vibes; vocalist Stephanie Nakasian, plus an interview with swing-era star of the Goodman Band, Helen Ward.

Program #6: Jazz Crazed: The Story of the Austin High Gang
The early music of Bix Beiderbecke, the "bad boy" genius of 1920's Chicago jazz; and his pals Benny Goodman, Hoagy Carmichael, and Eddie Condon.

Program #7: Texas Roots: Lone Star Boogie Woogie and Swing
With the Jim Cullum Jazz Band.

Program #8: The Pearls: A Portrait of Jelly Roll Morton
With actor, singer Vernel Bagneris and Dick Hyman, piano.

Program #9: Sax Crazed: A Celebration of the Saxophone in Jazz
With saxophonist Ken Peplowski.

Program #10: Piano Dynamos: A Celebration of the Piano in Jazz
With John Sheridan and Dick Hyman.

Program #11: A Night at the Lincoln Gardens: A Portrait of King Joe Oliver
With actor William Warfield; Leon Oakley, cornet; and Mike Walbridge, tuba.

Program #12: The Jim Cullum Jazz Band 80th Anniversary Tribute to the Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Recorded live at Stanford, California with The Jim Cullum Jazz Band.

Program #13: Jammin' at Condon's: The Eddie Condon Story
With actor Jerry Stiller, tenor saxophonist Bobby Levine, and vocalist Stephanie Nakasian.

Program #14/Uplink 10/2: Live From the Stanford Jazz Workshop Ď97, Part II:
The Jim Cullum Jazz Band Plays Classic Jazz Classics

Program #15/Uplink 10/9: Playing With Fire: An Original Composition for Jazz Band and Symphony
With The Jim Cullum Jazz Band and The San Jose Symphony Orchestra

Program #16/Uplink 10/16 Prez and Lady Day: The Story of Billie Holiday and Lester Young
With vocalist, Topsy Chapman

Program #17, Uplink 10/23 Runniní Wild: A Biography Of James P. Johnson, The Father of Stride Piano
With Dick Hyman, piano

Program #18, Uplink 10/30 Battle of the Bands: San Antonio vs. New Orleans
With Banu Gibson and the New Orleans Hot Jazz, actor William Warfield, and tap dancer Savion Glover.

Program #19, Uplink 11/6 Empress Of The Blues: The Bessie Smith Story
With vocalist Topsy Chapman

Program #20, Uplink 11/13 Broadway and The Movies: Vintage Show Tunes of the 1920ís and 30ís
With Susannah McCorkle, Vernel Bagneris, Carol Woods, Banu Gibson

Program #21, Uplink 11/20 From Tailgate to Swing: The History of the Jazz Trombone
With Dan Barrett, trombone; and Banu Gibson, vocals.

Program #22, Uplink 11/27 Rhythm Is My Business: A Riverwalk Living Legend Tribute to Milt Hinton
With bassist Milt Hinton

Program #23, Uplink 12/4 Sweet and Hot: A Salute to Cornetist Bobby Hackett
With Bob Barnard, cornet.

Program #24, Uplink 12/11 Jazz Legends: New Stories and Great Performances
With Clark Terry, trumpet; Kenny Davern, clarinet

Program #25, Uplink 12/18 A Holiday Tradition: Hot Jazz For A Cool Yule
With an all-star cast, featuring Tony award-winning tap dancer Savion Glover and cornetist Jim Cullumís famous rendition of Little Drummer Boy.

Program #26, Uplink 12/25 NEW New Yearís Eve Blast: The Jim Cullum Jazz Band Live and Smokiní

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