The UNOFFICIAL Shoebox Greetings®

The funny stuff that's rejected by really smart people who understand the business goes here when they aren't looking.


Shoebox Greetings, a collection of witty, unpredictable and irreverent greeting cards, was introduced in April of 1986 (April Fool's Day to be exact) with 819 designs -- the largest single product introduction and group writer's cramp in the history of Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Always pushing the edge of the envelope, the current line of more than 1,600 Shoebox cards represents some of today's boldest and most unpredictable sentiments, reflecting today's lifestyles and communication trends, with topics ranging from male-female relationships to pregnancy, and from stress in the workplace to congratulating a co-worker on a promotion.

Of course, Shoebox also shines its humorous spotlight on the various stages of life -- birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Cards are available for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Nurse's Day, Graduation and Pan-of-Brownies-Just-for-You Day.

Maxine, a cynical and sarcastic, yet lovable old lady, has emerged as Shoebox's most popular character. She's so popular that the character has been licensed to appear on non-Hallmark products and in a syndicated cartoon panel called "Crabby Road," which appears in more than 100 newspapers nationwide. Not bad for someone who considers a water balloon a friendly greeting.

When people want to let their love of golf come to the fore, or tell others exactly where they stand on important issues like chocolate, Shoebox gifts deliver. Gifts include: Post-It( self-stick notes, die-cut note pads, memo pads, magnets, teachers' gifts, T-shirts, books, ball caps, Maxine products such as bunny slippers and dolls, mugs (now lower-priced at $5.95), birthday items celebrating the "biggies" (30, 40, 50, 60) and not-so-biggies in between. Shoebox also has mugs with fun surprises inside, gift bag ensembles, funny buttons, boxer shorts and even framed prints.