CRUISIN' 1964 - Johnny Holliday, WHK, Cleveland OH

The CRUISIN' Website (the first and ONLY webpage totally dedicated to the ORIGINAL Greatest Series of Rock & Roll Radio albums ever) gave a contest, and nobody entered! (Embarrassing!) This, in spite of over 120 visitors to the site since the contest began. Oh, well, you can't win 'em all (and in this case, you can't win anything. Deadline's passed. Too late. Too bad.)

Anyway, here are the questions, with the answers in italics.

1) Johnny's Top 40 radio sign-off was:
A. Bye bye, buy bonds, save chicken fat, and join the wacs.
B. My name is Bond. James Bond
C. Houston, we have a problem.

2) Which event did Johnny Holliday not promote, attend, and cover?
A. The Monterey Pop Festival
B. The Beatles Last American Concert at Candlestick Park
C. The World Olympic Games from 1982-2000
D. Sophie Tucker at the Palladium

3) Which of the following TV shows did NOT feature Johnny Holliday as announcer?
A. Hullabaloo
B. The Roger Miller Show
C. What's Happening, Baby?
D. Pee Wee's Playhouse

4) Which of the following celebrities recorded a promo for Johnny
when he was on New York City station, WINS in the early 60s?
A. Johnny Tillotson
B. Johnny Carson
C. John Glenn
D. John Lennon

5) Which of the following cities did Johnny Holliday NOT have a radio show?
A. Cleveland
B. San Francisco
C. New York City
D. Washington, DC
E. Fortress of Solitude, North Pole

6) Johnny Holliday organized the first
radio charity team, The Radio Oneders.
Which of the following athletes did NOT join the team?
A. Basketball Hall of Famer, Rick Barry.
B. World Series Champion Baseball player, Sal Bando.
C. Superbowl champion, Joe Theismann.
D. Olympic Gold Medalist, Tara Lipinski.

7) Which one of the following did NOT
contribute stories to Johnny's new
book, "From Rock To Jock?"
A. The Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick
B. Univ. of Maryland Coaches Gary Williams and Ralph Friedgen
C. "The Capital Gang's" Robert Novak
D. Former Rolling Stone writer, Ben Fong-Torres
E. Weatherman Willard Scott
This was a trick question: They ALL did.

8. In the Elvis Presley hit "Kissin' Cousins,"
ol' El sings that we're all cousins of...
A. Ma and Pa Kettle
B. Adam and Eve
C. The Joy Boys
D. Goodgold and Carlinsky

9. What future game-show legend wrote Freddy
Cannon's 1962 hit, "Palisades Park"?
A. Tom Kennedy
B. Chuck Woolery
C. Chuck Barris
D. Jim Lange
E. Regis Philbin

10. In Larry Williams' classic, "Bony Maronie,"
WHERE exactly will he and Bony be happy?
A. The Sugar Shack
B. Under The Boardwalk
C. Underneath The Apple Tree
D. Loveland

11. On the cover of CRUISIN' 1964, what kind of
guitar is Eddie's friend Luthor playing?
A. Gretsch
B. Fender
C. Gibson
D. Vox
E. It doesn't say.

12. According to legend, what late 60s event convinced
Watermark (the makers of the original CRUISIN' albums)
to get out of the concert promoting business?
A. Robert F. Kennedy's assasination
B. The moon landing
C. Woodstock
D. The Rolling Stones' Altamont Concert

13. According to an interview, what did CRUISIN' creator
Ron Jacobs ask to have removed from the recent CD reissues?
A. Certain songs
B. Stereo re-mixes
C. His name

14. The cover of CRUISIN' 1964 reveals "Peggy's" last name.
What was it?
A. Johnson
B. Harrison
C. Patterson
D. Tennyson
E. Goodgold and Carlinsky.

15. Did we ever learn what "Eddie's" last name was?
A. Yes.
B. No.

16. Producers Hugo and Luigi wanted to compete with
Lieber and Stoller's Coasters in the vocal novelty
group category, so they came up with...who?
A. The Mark IV
B. The Blue Chips
C. The Jive Five
D. The Cheers

17. All right, last question: On the "1955" cover
of the CRUISIN' series, what kind of car is Eddie
looking at?
A. Eldorado
B. Edsel
C. Thunderbird
D. Continental

Those are the questions, and the answers. See, that quiz wasn't that hard, was it?

The CRUISIN' Series, A History of Rock 'n Roll Radio was conceived, created and produced by RON JACOBS, and originally issued on INCREASE RECORDS, A division of WATERMARK, INC. as well as on GRT Tapes.
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