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Coca-Cola Presents...

The Thoughts For The Day!

At the end of every episode of The Bill Cosby Radio Program, Bill would give us his "Thought For The Day." In the first few weeks, he did this as "The Turtle." After that, he appeared as "The Old Man On The Mountain." And after that, beginning with week 30 and through the remainder of the series, as himself. Enjoy these thoughts of the day while drinking a Coke.

Week # Show # Thought Of The Day: "The Turtle"
5 1 "People who live in glass houses, should wear masks."
5 2 "Count your blessings. Start with zero."
5 3 "Experience is the best teacher... and I love her arms."
5 4 "The hounds of spring are on winter's traces. Look out now!"
5 5 "You can't judge a book by its cover. Now."
6 1 "A stitch in time may save your leg."
6 2 "Mother knows best, so she stole from my father."
6 3 "Familiarity breeds contempt. Why am I the one to stand before your face?"
6 4 "A ship without a sail has an engine - somewhere."
6 5 "Pride goeth before a fall, so smile as you go."
7 1 "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sorry."
7 2 "Variety is the spice of life. More money, please."
7 3 "To be or not to be... who?"
7 4 "It's a wise man who knows his own father... so stop bugging people!"
7 5 no thought for the day.
9 1 "This above all: to thine own self be true. Tell me no lies, self. Smack!"
9 2 "Brevity is the soul of wit... and I also dig her cooking."
9 3 "East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. So take the Vine Street off-ramp to Morocco."
9 4 "Help is on the way... so keep cheating."
9 5 "A bird in the hand may lay an egg."
10 1 "Little pitchers have big ears. Knock 'em off!"
10 2 "All for one, and one for all, and three for five."
10 3 "Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I shall draw pictures."
10 4 "Roses are red, violets are blue, grass is green, and dirt is brown. Na-ha, Na-ha!"
10 5 "Hitch your wagon to a star, and pay for it by the month."
11 1 "A friend in need is a friend indeed. In need a deed..."
11 2 "To the victor belongs the spoils. Take 'em home. Make some cheese."
11 3 "All the world's a stage. Get off my garbage can!"
11 4 "Confession is good for the soul. Where were you last night, Margaret?"
11 5 "Discretion is the better part of valor... and I also love her legs."
12 1 "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. So what?"
12 2 "What fools these mortals be. Lend me a dime."
12 3 "Every dog must have his day. Happy birthday, hound!"
12 4 "A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a man moving in time must collect his thoughts."
12 5 "There's nothing new under the sun, except a new day."
13 1 "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Off the edge we go!"
13 2 "Necessity is the mother of invention, and he's getting a commission in the army."
13 3 "As ye sow, so shall ye reap, ye dum-dum!"
13 4 "Dumb like a fox, smart like a rock."
13 5 "Love at first sight, hate at second look."
Thought Of The Day: "What is love? Love, to..."
14 1 "...a violin, is to be owned by Jack Benny."
14 2 "...a loaf of bread is a kid that won't throw it like a football."
14 3 "...a fountain pen is ink that flows."
14 4 "...a star is an all day flicker."
14 5 "...a printing press is the word itself."
15 1 "...a newspaper is a shoe with no holes."
15 2 "...a leaf is being the last one off the tree."
15 3 "...a cough drop is a throat that's already soothed."
15 4 "...a desk is a drink spilled only on the ink blotter."
15 5 "...a paper bag is a fish sandwich wrapped in wax paper."
16 1 "...a tree is a sidewalk without cement."
16 2 "...a cup and saucer is a steady hand."
16 3 " electric light is the switch that turns it on. Oh wow."
16 4 " overshoe is a shoe that fits."
16 5 "...a wall to wall carpet is a cigarette that's in an ashtray."
17 1 " eagle is a light blam."
17 2 " air conditioner is a cold day."
17 3 "...a prizefighter is a cut man that wasn't needed."
17 4 "...a little kid is sanitary mud."
17 5 " elephant is a smooth peanut. "
18 1 "...a shetland pony is a thin human being."
18 2 "...a sports car is a freeway with no cops."
18 3 "...a candy bar is a child's sweet tooth."
18 4 "...a piece of paper is a match, burned out."
18 5 "...a pomegranate is anybody that doesn't ask what it is."
19 1 "...a steam shovel is a big rock that fell off."
19 2 "...a bulletin board is a thumb tack that sticks."
19 3 " inner tube is a patch that stays on. Oh wow. "
19 4 "...a fountain is a drunk that can't swim."
19 5 "...a surfboard is a foot with short toenails."
20 1 "...a sheriff is a man that locks himself up."
20 2 " adding machine is a soft index finger."
20 3 "...the moon is a man that turns into a wolf."
20 4 "...a grandmother is a grandchild that says 'Hello', long distance."
20 5 "...a big toe is a light on in any room that it's walking in."
29 1 "...a dentist's drill, is a nerve that won't tell."
29 2 "...a piece of carbon paper, is a typist without a mistake."
29 3 "...a spare tire, is a flat on his friend."
29 4 "...a bird's nest, is a human that leaves it alone."
29 5 "...a calendar, is a hand that turns it over every day."
30 1 "...a window shade, is a peeping tom."
30 2 "...a toothbrush, is a tooth that won't fall out."
30 3 "...a warty toad, is a princess who thinks one day, he will be a prince."
30 4 "...a treadmill, is a man with no place in particular to go. Now that that's over, we bring you back to real life."
30 5 " accountant, is a five dollar meal with a forty dollar receipt."
32 1 "...a june bug, is a kid without a string."
32 2 "...Pike's Peak, is a mountain climber without a pick."
32 3 " X-ray, is a bone without a fracture."
32 4 "...a shoelace, is a mouth that won't curse when it breaks."
32 5 " ice cube, is an ice tong with cotton tips."
33 1 "...a pomegranate, is a man that swallows the seeds."
33 2 "...a whooping crane, is a good joke."
33 3 "...a brick wall, is a head that won't bang on it."
33 4 "...a landlord, is a rat that hides when the inspector comes."
33 5 "...a Las Vegas gambler, is a wife that stayed home."
34 1 "...a corned beef sandwich, is mayonnaise that just covers itself with its goodness."
34 2 "...a ski lift, is the man who rides it going down, also."
34 3 " iguana, is a human being without a net or a cage."
34 4 "...a cloudy day, is a sunshine smile."
34 5 "...a man from Mars, is a rocket ship from Earth that missed."
35 1 "...a stopped-up sink, is a plumber's footsteps."
35 2 "...a flagpole, is never having to fly half-mast."
35 3 "...a tired father, is a child that puts him to sleep."
35 4 "...a Bengal tiger, is a slow-footed hunter."
35 5 "...a walrus, is a mustache trim for ten cents."
36 1 "...a harp, is a calloused hand that plucks softly."
36 2 "...a canceled check, is money in the bank first thing Monday morning."
36 3 "...a piano tuner, is a piano that goes out of tune every other day."
36 4 "...a chimney sweep, is white soot."
36 5 "...a lightning bolt, is a man with a kite, a door key, and wet feet."
37 1 "...a Model T Ford, is a Cobra engine and mag wheels."
37 2 "...a garage door, is a woman driver who lets her husband park it."
37 3 "...a double boiler, is a little something for the bottom, also."
37 4 "...a cow, is an empty pail, a 3-legged stool, and a calf."
37 5 "...a rotten apple, is a full barrel."

More to come when available!

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