Coca-Cola Presents...
The Bill Cosby
Radio Program!

Week #Air DateContent
#5 (5-9-92)French HornsSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#6 (5-16-92)Music For The MassesReady and waiting.
#7 (11-21-92)A Capella, Pt. 1Smart-aleck response unavailable.
#8 (6-13-92)Songs Without WordsSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#9 (2-29-92)A Capella, Pt. 2Impossible to be readier.
#10 (3-7-92)Trio SonatasI am more than ready. I'm willing.
#11 (3-7-92)Speaking with MusicSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#12 (3-21-92)HarpSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#13 (3-28-92)Singing In The CracksSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#14 (4-4-92)A Brief and Encyclopedically Incomplete History of the Patter SongSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#15 (4-11-92)Lexicon of Musical Invective (a program about musical criticism)Readier than you'll ever know.
#16 (4-25-92)Songs about AnimalsDoes it snow in North Dakota?
#17 (5-2-92)Parallelism in Vocal MusicIf I were any readier it would be unseemly.
#18 (5-23-92)Originals and Non-
traditional Arrangements
You have no idea how ready I am.
#19 (5-30-92)Parallelism in Instrumental Music They don't make 'em any readier.
#20 (6-6-92)Classical from Popular Music Okay, just keep your pantaloons on. Here's the theme.
#21 (7-4-92)Putting Words to Classical MusicWho could be readier? Not me. Here's the theme...
#22 (10-24-92)Classical Rearrangements Smart-aleck response unavailable.
#23 (12-12-92)Concerti GrossiHey, no problem! Here's the theme...
#24 (12-26-92)ParentsWho wants to know? Okay, here's the theme...
#25 (10-3-92)BirthdaysEver ready, ever willing!
#26 (10-10-92)LullabiesNag, nag, nag. Yes, I am ready.
#27 (10-31-92)! (garbled)
#28 (11-7-92)Basses Are LoadedHey, if you're ready, I'm ready.
#29 (11-28-92)HeavenReady is my middle name.
#30 (12-19-92)Christmas PresenceSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#31 (1-2-93)What Happens Between The Notes
(The rest of the story)
Ready is an understatement!
#32 (1-9-93)Belly Up to the BarYou bet! C'mon in and take a load off!
#33 (1-16-93)A Musical AviaryOh, of course I'm ready. (Unique closing: "That's M-I-X...")
#34 (1-30-93)The Bach of GibraltarReady is as does. Just a second...
#35 (2-20-93)And I Quote...As ready as a procrastinator has any right to be.
#36 (8-7-93)Ma and Pa Kettle Drum As ready as rain is right.
#37 (2-27-93)The Big Chill-OutHey, like, what's the hurry? Don't have a cow, man.
#38 (8-28-93)About BellsReady is exactly what I am.
#39 (8-21-93)The Devil To Pay(Evil laugh) Mmmmmmuuuuwahhh hahhh...I'm always ready!
#40 (9-11-93)Varieties of Organic Experience Anybody who says I'm not is a liar.
#41 (9-18-93)Growing Up BinaryDoes the sun come up every morning?
#42 (9-25-93)Dominant Characteristsics I'm ready, you're ready.
#43 (10-16-93)Humor MeI am the epitome of readiness.
#44 (10-23-93)Leave the Meter Running Ready describes my state exactly.
#45 (11-13-93)There's A Composer In All Of UsI guess you could call it that.
#46 (9-4-93)Woe Is MeHave I ever let you down?
#47 (10-2-93)You are (and Sing About) What You EatIf Helen Reddy sang "I Am Woman," Helen Woman would sing "I Am Ready."
#48 (10-9-93)Tracks of BloodReadier than I'm ever likely to be again.
#49 (10-30-93)Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Affirmative.
#50 (11-6-93)A Pair of Chords That Will LastThe day I'm not ready, there will be icicles in Satan's beard.
#51 (12-11-93)Splitting the Octave What you don't know won't hurt you.
#52 (11-20-93)The Fugal GourmetJust let me out of the gate.
#53 (11-27-93)Fugues: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em.You bet your booties I am.
#54 (12-25-93)What You PleaseAs ready as a guy has any right to be.
#55 (12-4-93)Is There A Fugue In Your Future? Well, ready is a relative term, but...
#56 (1-29-94)Varieties of Variation Ready, willing, what more do you want?
#57 (2-5-94)Hold That Melody!Ready or not, here I am, and...
#58 (2-12-94)Hold That Harmony!If I were any readier, I would be overeager.
#59 (2-19-94)Bass-Based Variations Some things never change, and my readiness is one of them.
#60 (3-19-94)Weathering the Storm I'm here, isn't that enough?
#61 (3-26-94)H20, Above and BelowHow can you even ask?
#62 (1-1-94)True or FalsettoThat's exactly what I am.
#63 (1-8-94)Pipes and AllAbout as ready as one man can be.
#64 (3-5-94)Taking the FifthUm, yes, uh, yeah!
#65 (4-9-94)License or Larceny?You bet your sweet bippy.
#66 (4-16-94)Say It and Sing It Well, let's take a chance.
#67 (4-23-94)Instrumental Exotica Refrain from bovine birthing, man...
#68 (11-12-94)What Is That Instrument? I thought you'd never ask.
#69 (11-19-94)For He Heard the Loud Bassoon I have seen the future, and it's here. And...
#70 (12-10-94)Au Contraire, Mon Frere! Mais oui, mon ami.
#71 (12-24-94)Back to BasicsIs a bluebird blue?
#72 (9-3-94)Hold That Note!(Spoken in a monotone) I am working on it - to hear the theme please press the pound sign now...
#73 (10-1-94)Mutes and Mutability Ready is my middle name.
#74 (10-8-94)A many Splendored String You could say that.
#75 (10-15-94)Schickele Mix: The Movie Do I look ready? Nevertheless, here's the theme...
#76 (10-22-94)Do I Hear A Waltz? Well, Do I?(Singing) Waltzing Matilda...oh, yes. Here's the theme.
#77 (10-29-94)Beyond The Blue Danube That's easy for you to say.
#78 (10-26-94)Let's Get This Thing Over With!Can't wrap it up if you don't get it started.
#79 (12-3-94)Great Endings I Have Known I'm not just a ready teddy, I'm an eager beaver!
#80 (12-17-94)A Fargo Christmas It's funny. I could get into this Santa Claus suit last year. Well, anyway, uh...
#81 (2-11-95)Why Are Conductors Paid
(and so much, too)?
Do conductors own mirrors?
#82 (1-7-95)Words Fail MeIf you're ready, I'm ready.
#83 (1-14-95)Clarinet Marmalade I am one ready guy.
#84 (1-21-95)Clarinet PlusI am readier than thou.
#85 (3-11-95)What It Takes Two To (Singing) Buh dump buh, dudu duh--Ole! Yeah, I'm ready.
#86 (2-18-95)Pendulum in White Tie and Tails Does a conductor perspire?
#87 (4-22-95)First Things First Hey, it's one foot in front of the other.
#88 (4-29-95)Ah, YouthYou better believe it.
#89 (4-1-95)Masculine/FeminineNo, I'm not. Why don't you do the show today? Heh heh, just kidding.
#90 (3-18-95)Cherchez la Femme Just keep your knickers on.
#91 (6-17-95)You Can't Pin That On Me! I cannot tell a lie. Yes.
#92 (5-6-95)Climactic Conditions I'm ready for takeoff.
#93(5-13-95)Transitory Pleasures Unlike Ethelred the Unready, I am as ready as ready can be.
#94 (6-3-95)There's Nothing Between Us - We're Just Good FriendsAm I ready? I'm overripe.
#95 (6-10-95)Prodigious Talents Have I ever not been?
#96 (1-20-96)He Hasn't Been The Same SinceUh, well, uhh, well, yeah! Uh, w-uhuh, uh, uh, hrmph, well, yeah!
#97 (2-17-96)Under the Influence Guess what? I am.
#98 (3-23-96)I've Got A Right To Be Influenced By The Blues(Singing and snapping fingers)...Blues, those Nashville Blues...oh, yeah, I'm ready.
#99 (3-30-96)All That Jazz: The Early YearsI'm ready to roll.
#100 (4-3-96)Good Enough For Jazz Hey man, I'm hip, I'm hep, I'm ready to step.
#101 (5-8-96)Green Dolphin Is A Two-Way Street, But It's Got A Median StripHey, man, I'm readier than Eddie's brother Freddie.
#102 (11-25-96)Things Fall ApartYes. The answer is yes.
#103 (5-22-96)Background Information As ready as I'm likely to be in my lifetime.
#104 (7-24-96)"And How Would You Like That Prepared, Sir?" "Harmonically, Please."As James Joyce wrote in his now classic book Ulysses, "Yes."
#105 (1-6-96)Boom Chick & Beyond Need you ask?
#106 (1-13-96)"And How Would You Like That Prepared, Sir?" "Rhythmically, Please." I'm about as ready as they come.
#107 (1-27-96)Folk Music, Schmolk Music! I'm the very definition of ready.
#108 (2-3-96)The Whole Picture Includes The Frame Have I ever not been ready?
#109 (2-10-96)If It's A Folk Song, It Isn't Stealing.If I were any readier, I'd have to take a downer.
#110 (4-10-96)Exoticism Begins At Home Oh, oh, yeah, hold on. Just a second. Uh, here we go, and...
#111 (4-17-96)Leave The Playing To Us I'm all wound up, and I'm ready.
#112 (4-24-96)Revenge of the Nerdy InstrumentsJust wind me up and point me toward the console.
#113 (5-1-96)We Never Make Misteaks! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I've got the wrong fader up, here. Okay, here we go.
#114 (5-29-96)If It's Worth Doing , It's Worth Doing AgainYes, uh huh, that's right. I am. Yup.
#115 (6-5-96)And Now For Something Not Really So Very Different At AllYes, I'm ready, or to put it another way, I am not unprepared.
#116 (6-12-96)Five Finger Exercises Okay, let's do a countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, wait a minute, I have to use the other hand. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
#117 (6-19-96)Gin and Pentatonic Unlike Ethelred the Unready, and Ethelwill the Unwilling, I am both ready and willing.
#118 (6-29-96)Vox OminaWhat difference does it make?
#119 (7-3-96)I Sing The Body Eclectic You better believe it.
#120 (7-10-96)The Ties That Bind No rest for the weary.
#121 (7-17-96)That Weird and Intoxicating EffectThey don't make 'em any readier.
#122 (10-2-96)The Count is Three and TwoTwo for the show, three to get ready, and...
#123 (12-18-96)Keeping ChristmasHo, ho, ho, am I ever ready.
#124 (10-9-96)Quintessential MusicOh ye of little faith. Of course I'm ready.
#125 (10-16-96)My, That's an Odd Meter! Funny you should ask that - because I am.
#126 (11-13-96)Loud and Portable Who wants to know?
#127 (11-20-96)The Harmonie Ensemble: Life of the Party, or Music Molester?Readier they don't make em any.
#128 (1-8-97)Sonic BoomerangsDon't worry; I say, don't worry.
#129 (1-15-97)Opposition Is True FriendshipPart of me says "yes," and the other part says "no." But, it's time, so...
#130 (2-5-97)The Reverbing of America I would be lying if I said I weren't.
#131 (2-12-97)First Among Equals, and Don't You Forget It, Buster!I'm surprised you even ask.
#132 (2-19-97)If You've Got It, Baby, Flaunt It Have I ever not been ready?
#133 (3-12-97)SFX-1138If it sounds ready, it is ready, whatever that means.
#134 (3-19-97)No Animals Were Harmed In The Making of This ProgramDoes a rabbit have ears?
#135 (9-17-97)Clothes EncountersThe answer to that inquiry is, yes.
#136 (9-24-97)All Or NothingHold on to your hat.
#137 (10-1-97)Marcia ExoticaWe're off and running.
#138 (10-8-97)From the Marching Field to the Concert Hall in Two Quick and Easy StepsWe are ready.
#139 (10-22-97)Symphonic March Music: All The Fun and None Of The ResponsibilityWell, why wouldn't I be?
#140 (11-12-97)Bang the Drum Slowly Better now than never.
#141 (11-19-97)Marches Are Your Friends Hey, no prob.
#142 (11-26-97)What You See Is Not What You Get (a program about transposition)Let me put it this way. I am ready.
#143 (12-24-97)Pick-Up Shticks (a program about pick-up notes)Is that a trick question?
#144 (12-31-97)When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right, Pt. 1 (a program about when musically incorrect is artistically right on)Do you want the right answer, or the true answer?
#145 (1-21-98)When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right, Pt. 2 (a second program about when musically incorrect is artistically right on)I cannot tell a lie, so I won't answer that.
#146 (1-28-98)Mondo Glissando (a program about musical sliding around) God willin' and the creek don't rise.
#147 (10-15-97)Ppff: The Dynamic Art of Music (a program about piano and forte) Coming through loud and clear.
#148 (10-29-97)Hairpins for Really Big Hair (a program about long crescendos and decrescendoes)Hang onto your hairpins, here we go with the theme.
#149 (11-5-97)Wallflowers of the Woodwind Family - A program about instruments that don't get no respect Ready or not, here's the theme.
#150 (12-3-97)Polka Party at Pete's PlaceI hope you've got your party hats on!...
#151 (12-10-97)For Prague, With Love (a program about one of Mozart's most beautiful pieces)Smart-aleck response unavailable.
#152 (1-7-98)Flea To Bee, You and Me (a program, bugs.) The buzz around the station is that I am.
#153 (1-14-98)"Yuck!" (More, bugs.)Can't say I'm not...
#154 (2-4-98)Your Standard B-Flat Bugs (Even more, bugs.)Oh, man! I'd really rather not be disturbed. But...
#155 (2-11-98)Under the Weather Actually, uh...OK...
#156 (2-25-98)Forth and Back Ready am I, yes.
#157 (3-25-98)The Gospel Accordion to Pete What can I say, except...
#158 (4-1-98)Beer Drinker at a Cocktail Party I knew you were going to say that.
#159 (7-8-98)Accordion Hits The Big Time! I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it might incriminate me...
#160 (10-28-98)Day of Wrath, Day of Yuckyness. Don't get me started.
#161 (7-15-98)Every Witch Way Ready and willing...
#162 (7-22-98)The End of the World Is Nigh Oddly enough, I am.
#163 (12-16-98)Santa's Mixed BagSmart-aleck response unavailable.
#164 (4-7-99)Schickele Mix Sports RadioThe clock has started.
#165 (4-14-99)Ostinati Obbligati
(The first of three programs about minimalism)
Okay, here-I say, here's the theme.
#166 (4-21-99)P G & I (The second of three programs about minimalism, this one about Philip Glass)Here's the theme. Here's the theme. Here's the theme.
#167 (4-28-99)Close Encounters of the Canonic Kind (The 3rd and last show about minimalism)I'm on top of it.