*-Subtitled, "An unidentified frying object leson." (NOTE TO RAY: This puzzler is neither historic, folkloric, or automotive in nature, nor does it require the use of matchsticks, although a Bic lighter is involved. Sorry.)

Somewhere near the edge of the Black Forest, a group of monks from the local monastery (Monastery Local No. 405), having completed another year of being good, decide to go into the woods for a picnic. It's a good day for it, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there's not a cloud in the sky. So the good brothers bring along their Weber Ranch Kettle grill, a bag of Kingsford charcoal, several large frying pans, and enough frying chickens for a good-sized monastery and, using a Bic lighter, fire that baby up.

The monks, of course, being isolated from the outside world, have no radio or television, so they have no way of knowing that the weather forecast (broadcast on this day by Willard Von Scott) has warned that a high wind warning is effect for that afternoon. Sure enough, no sooner do the flames get good and going on that Weber Ranch Kettle then WHOOSHH!!! Here comes the wind! The wind blows the flames from the grill onto some nearby trees. The monks are in a panic, trying desperately to put out the flames, and not succeeding, when who should come along but actor Hugh Grant?

It sems he's taking a break from filming a movie just a few yards away, which - as luck would have it - has him cast as a firefighter in the Black Forest (stranger casting has happened). And since the director is a stickler for authenticity, Mr. Grant's equipment is fully functional (insert your own joke here). In no time at all, Mr. Grant has extinguished the flames, saved the Black Forest, and - after several moments and a safe re-start by the monks - had some good fried chicken as a reward.

And as the monks returned to the monastery, they reflected on the events of the day, and came to the conclusion that they had learned a very valuable lesson.

The question is, "what lesson did the brothers learn?"

The answer (and it's horrible...): "Only Hugh can prevent forest friars' fryer fires." (I told you it was horrible.)