As ACC's 30th anniversary approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to archive onto CD for posterity-and the enjoyment of ACC fans who may have missed them the first time around-as many of the original ACC programs as possible.

I already have some early Don Bowman episodes in my collection, as well as a 1979 Bob Kingsley show. The easiest way to go about this, I think, is to set up a tape-trading post. Let me know what you have as far as ACCs go, and we'll see what happens.

Ideally, the shows should be:

  • recorded directly from the original Watermark LPs, in stereo, onto two 90-minute cassettes;
  • have as little surface noise or scratches and skips as possible;
  • and have copies of the original cue sheets included.
Since it's only fair to let you know what I've got so far, here's my list (all hosted by Don Bowman in 3. hr version unless specified otherwise):

Prog. No. Air Wknd Of: #1 Song: 742-7 5/18/74 COUNTRY BUMPKIN - Cal Smith 754-4 10/25/75 Info not available yet 761-12 3/20/76 FASTER HORSES (The Cowboy and the Poet)-Tom T. Hall (Mercury) 762-2 4/10/76 'TIL I CAN MAKE IT ON MY OWN-Tammy Wynette (Epic) 763-13 9/25/76 IF YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY-Willie Nelson (Columbia) 764-4 10/23/76 YOU AND ME-Tammy Wynette (Epic) 764-6 11/6/76 CHEROKEE MAIDEN-Merle Haggard 771-10 3/5/77 HEART HEALER-Mel Tillis 772-2 4/9/77 LUCILLE-Kenny Rogers (United Artists) 772-4 4/23/77 SHE'S GOT YOU-Loretta Lynn (MCA) 79--- 5/5/79 (Earliest Bob Kingsley-hosted ep. in my collection)

If you have any ACCs you'd like to put on tape and trade, please contact me here, and remember to put "ACC Trading Post" in the subject line. Thanks.

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