Written by Don Bowman; Produced by Bob Kingsley
ORIG. BROADCAST ON ACC #761-12, 3/20/76

Hey, listen up, gang, this very well may be a once-in-a-lifetime offer.
Friends, when you eat crushed ice, do your dentures wobble? When you laugh, do your teeth fall in your lap? Well, here's exciting news from Potter's Field Enterprises. You see, during their years of humanitarian activities, Potter's Field has carefully accumulated a huge assortment of salvaged dentures! And now these fully reconditioned choppers are available at a fraction of their original cost at Potter's Field's new downtown outlet, "Unclaimed Plates."
Don't suffer the agony of loose-fitting dentures a minute longer! Rush to the privacy of an "Unclaimed Plates" showroom, where you'll be able to rummage through tub after tub of like-new dentures, until you find the set that fits perfectly!
Hurry to "Unclaimed Plates" today, and just imagine how great it'll be eating corn on the cob again, without sounding like an octopus playing the castanets!
(Music out: "My kind of country, my kind of music.")

©1976, Watermark, Inc.
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