Fresh From The Funny Farm
RCA LSP 3345

The All New Don Bowman
Mega M31 - 1015
with special appearance by
Ralph Emery
Produced by Bobby Bare
Arranged by Fred Carter, Jr.
Voice Arrangements by
Gary Paxton

Chit Atkins Make Me A Star
Farley Goes To Trial
To Beat The Devil
Poetic Justice
The D.J. Request
Married Man Blues
Hello D.J. ( The "Bleep" Version )
Music City, U.S.A.
She Gave Her Heart To Jethro
Farley And The A.A.
Freddie Four Toes
The Monkey Who Became President

  1. Mexican Horns (Mexican Corn)
  2. Tijuana Drum and Bugle Corps
  3. Anita, You're Kidding
  4. El Matador
  5. Bully for You (Surfin' Senorita)
  6. Spanish Weed
  7. County Agent Report
  8. Tijuana Cab Driver (Tijuana Taxi)
  9. A Tour of Tijuana
  10. Have Bull Will Book

"Still Fighting Mental Health"
Lone Star Records L-4605.
East Virginia Blues
Coward At The Alamo
Hot Blooded Woman
Hello D.J.
Willon And Waylee
Dear Fred
Coin Machine Song
Power Tool Song
Coward At The Alamo (un-bleeped)
Hello D.J. (un-bleeped).