Written by Don Bowman; Produced by Bob Kingsley
ORIG. BROADCAST ON ACC #761-12, 3/20/76

This is Bowman, and it's time for our American Country Countdown Bicentennial Minute.

(Music: country arrangement of "Dixie")

On June 20th of 1782, Congress, after heated debate, adopted the Great Seal of the United States. The seal depicted an eagle clutching an olive branch. In its beak is a ribbon bearing the legend, "E Pluribus Unum." Washington had his own ideas about a great seal - he wanted a seal clutching a huge fish, and in its mouth a hunk of ice with the words, "You're expecting, maybe, an eagle?"

Benjamin Franklin was angry and had his own version of the seal. He wanted a huge turkey, clutching a pumpkin. In its beak would be a banner with the words, "Otto Librum Bogus," which is Latin for "Heartbreak of Psoriasis." Washington and Franklin's ideas were ignored and they both walked out of the meeting, and down to the nearest tavern where they sulked in the corner. It was a lot cheaper than drinking in those days. A week later, the eagle, clutching the olive branch, was adopted as our great seal. And that's the way it was, many years ago.
(Music: "My kind of country, my kind of music.")

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