(1 Hour)
(Note: from show #1 to #13, The National Lampoon® Radio Hour really WAS an hour long.)
Intro and Theme:
"You Don't Have to Look at Pictures on the Radio"
Intro by Ann Blythe (Michael O'Donoghue)

Commercial Break
My Husband / Cup of Coffee
Remember Your Name and Address
Diner Is Out of Buns
"The Lost Glider" (Episode Two)
Police Emergency Rape Line
Interview with Dexter and Warren, Siamese Twins
Suicide Prevention Hot Line
National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.
What Do You Recommend From the Menu?
"I've Never Seen a Straight Banana" by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians
Recipe Corner
Small Diner in Tarrytown
Spiro Agnew on Hippies
Small Diner in Tarrytown (Continued)
Indian Tour Guide / Laughing Wall
Mr. Whipple Commercial Goes Wrong
Charmin Commercial
Insincere Commercial Message by Cynical Nazis Intro
Commercial Break
Consumer Protection Commissioner Warning About Elves
Chatty Waiter
"I Have an Interesting Problem" Show
Mexican Copper Farmers / Telephone
Lip Reading Expert
Scuzzy Linoleum Commercial Intro
Commercial Break
American Safety Institute: Burned Out Fuses
Great Mountain Valley Drinking Water Commercial
New Bright Toothpaste Commercial
Light Your Faith (Norman Rose, from "National Lampoon's Radio Dinner" LP)
Marijuana Health Warning
Diner Is Out of Buns
National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.
"Won't You Buy My Record" (Dr. John Parody)
"Laughs From the Past": Catholic Pope Beer Joke by Georgie Jessel
What If Ed Sullivan Were Tortured? (Michael O'Donoghue)
Al Jolson / The Show Must Go On
"Give My Regards to Broadway"
Car Cheese Commercial Intro
Commercial Break
Ann Blythe with Closing Credits (Michael O'Donoghue)
Wobbles the Goose