(1 Hour)
(Note: from show #1 to #13, The National Lampoon® Radio Hour really WAS an hour long.)
Intro and Theme:
"You Don't Have to Look at Pictures on the Radio"
Carmalita Pope Intro (Michael O'Donoghue)

Commercial Break
The Indianapolis Academy of the French Accent
"Louie, We Have You Surrounded..."
Advertising Agency's Offer to Ralph Abernathy's Freedom March
"Louie, There's No Way to Escape..."
"Laughs From the Past": "Pal-Yatchee" (Spike Jones and His City Slickers with Homer and Jethro)
"OK, Louie..."
National Lampoon® Radio Hour Call-In Show (Part 1)
"Louie, This Is Your Father.../...This Is Your Brother"
"Nazi Dr. Doolittle" (Chevy Chase)
"Louie, This Is Principal Anchorman.../...This Is Jojo the Butcher"
"The Lost Glider"
National Lampoon® Radio Hour Call-In Show (Part 2)
"Nirvana Banana" (Parody of Donovan)
"Louie, This Is Your Last Chance... /...This Is Father O'Malley /...This Is Rabbi Goldberg"
National Lampoon® Radio Hour Call-In Show (Part 3)
"OK, Louie, Come Out..."
National Lampoon® Radio Hour I.D. (Gracie Whitebread) Vulcanized Sneakers Commercial Intro
Commercial Break
Michael O'Donoghue's Open Mike / Discussion on Shortages
Dr. Spanky and the Hopscotch Girls
Commercial Intro
Commercial Break
American Safety Institute: Bulging Cans
"Louie, This Is Jean Pierre..."
National Lampoon® Radio Hour I.D.
Tokyo Rose / G.E. Joe and Japanese Radios
"Louie, This Is Mr. Ed..."
"Catch It and You Keep It" Game Show (from "National Lampoon's® Radio Dinner" LP) "Louie, This Is It!"
National Lampoon® Radio Hour I.D. Ralph Abernathy Reconsiders
"Louie, This Is John Wayne/Louie, This Is Truman Capote"
Helicopter Trafffic Report
"Alright, Louie, Come Out of There with Your Hands Up!"
Louie Finally Comes Out
Caesar Romero Commercial Intro
Commercial Break
Situations Portrayed Are Fictitious
"This Is My Country" (Johnny Mann Singers)
Michael O'Donoghue and the Right to Disagree
Closing Credits with the Names of People that work on NLRH that should be killed
Wobbles the Goose