(1 Hour)
(Note: from show #1 to #13, The National Lampoon® Radio Hour really WAS an hour long.)
Intro and Theme:
"You Don't Have to Look at Pictures on the Radio"
Presenting a New Beatles Song

Commercial Break
Advanced Malignant Tumor of the Brain
Camera Club of the Air: Phone-in Photo Contest
Overdose Heaven
Daily News Opinion Pollster on Watergate
Megaphone Newsreel: The Romance of King Creosote
"Speakeasy" Call-In Show: Were the Indians Immigrants?
One-Two-Three Bronze Americans
Marlon Brando Interview on Indians
Those Fabulous Sixties, with Bob Dylan (from "National Lampoon's Radio Dinner" LP)
Theater Times for "The Ryan O'Neal Story"
National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.
Unsubstantiated Rumor of the Week
Theater Times for "The Ryan O'Neal Story" (continued)
Laundry Product Commercial Intro
Commercial Break
Remember Your Childhood / Teenage Jargon Discussion
Watching a Parade / Hold Your Mother's Hand
More on the New Beatles Song (continued)
Commercial Break
American Safety Institute: Oily Rags
"Laughs From the Past": Eversharp Schick Injector Razor commercial with Henry Morgan
Theater Times for "The Ryan O'Neal Story" (continued)
Front Row Center: "No Exit"
National Lampoon® Radio Hour I.D.
Craig Baker, Perfect Master: Miracle with Banana and Milk
The New Beatles Song (concluded)
Closing Credits
Wobbles the Goose