The Comic Books!

Honey's first appearance was in Gold Key Comic's Bugs Bunny issue #108 (Nov. 1966), but you know that. Here are some other notable appearances by Honey in that medium (Special thanks to Kevin Mickel for the information!):

Bugs Bunny # 108 (11/66) Her debut.

Bugs Bunny # 149 (5/73) "Fantastic Freddy." Bugs and a jock name Freddy compete for Honey's affections.

Bugs Bunny # 178 (11/76) She's on the cover, but not inside of it.

Bugs Bunny # 182 (3/77) "Rabtec Treasure Hunt"

Bugs Bunny # 184 (5/77) "The Coat-Of-Ears" Bugs discovers that his family seal is important.

Honey is also refered to, but not seen in these books.

Bugs Bunny # 172. (5/76) Bugs is out searching for something for her for her birthday in the first 3 or 4 panels, then is whisked off to an adventure.

Porky Pig # 65 (2/76) Honey's dad has purchased a timber company, and Bugs and Porky go to help him save it.

#---:THREE'S A CROWD (19--). Plot: Honey tries to match her widowed dad with a widow from a lonely hearts club, with disastrous results. One of the few Honey Bunny stories where she actually initiates the chain of events.