Honey Bunny--Bio
Name: Honey Bunny
Born: November, 1966 (street date of her debut appearance in the Bugs Bunny Comic Book [see link])
Created by: Robert McKimson
Height: Just under 3 ft, 4 and 1/2 inches
Weight: None of your business.
Film appearances: None to date
Other appearances: Plenty!
Career Overview: Created too late to appear alongside Bugs Bunny in animation (the Warner Bros. animation unit having been closed for a few years), Honey's main career has been as a model for various Looney Tunes related comic books and merchandise (which she's been very successful at). Her first comic book stories portrayed her as a somewhat giddy teenager, but over the years as her appearance changed (see the "Collectables" section), her basic personality matured to the extent that she just may be the sanest of all the Looney Tunes (a designation she has earned in spite of the fact that she's the only official "LT" character to NEVER appear in animation!). Her sensible nature provides a perfect counterbalance to Bugs's wascally personality.
Talents: Graceful and athletic, Honey is a sweet kid and a nifty dancer. She has also been known to sing.