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Box 13 was a syndicated radio series starring ALAN LADD as newspaper reporter-turned-novelist Dan Holiday. Holiday obtained ideas for his novels through an ad he placed in the Classified section of his old paper, The Star-Times. It read:

"ADVENTURE WANTED! Will go anywhere, do anything. Write BOX 13, c/o Star-Times."

This ad brought the usual assortment of crackpot responses, but more often than not brought Holiday more trouble than he bargained for, since he never found out the pertinent details until after he'd met the clients. He never charged a fee for his "services" (for lack of a better term), as he explained in one episode, because he was paid very well for the stories he wrote.

The only other regular characters who appeared in the series were the obligatory ditzy secretary, Suzie (played by SYLVIA PICKER) and police lieutenant Kling (played by Edmund MacDonald). The series aired from 1948 to 1949, and was syndicated by Ladd's own company, Mayfair Transcriptions.

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